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Temperature: -17.8 °C -17.8 °C -17.8 °C
Dew Point: -17.8 °C -17.8 °C -17.8 °C
Humidity: Humidity % Humidity % 0 %
Wind Speed: 0 km/h 0 km/h 0 km/h
Wind Gust: 0 km/h - -
Wind:- - North
Pressure: 0 hPa 0 hPa -
Precipitation: 0 mm    
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Tabular Data for November 6, 2018
Time Temperature Dew Point Pressure Wind Wind Speed Wind Gust Humidity Rainfall Rate (Hourly)
-17.8 °C -17.8 °C 0 hPa Calm     Humidity % 0 mm
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Live weather data from Ararat, Victoria, Australia, 3377
Data uploaded from Cumulus every 5 minutes to Weather Underground.
This site then downloads the raw data for formatting and display.
Metric and imperial data can be displayed. Graphs and historical data available.
Includes Sun and Moon times and rain image live from BOM.

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